What Are Some New Treatments For CLL

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What Are Some New Treatments For CLL

When we talk of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, we can see how scientists are making advancements from time to time. They are performing clinical trials and are doing a wonderful job.

Great progress is being made for understanding the relation between DNA of a person and also bone marrow cells. Yes, this relation can actually lead to leukemia cells.

Scientists note down the changes that keep occurring in the genes and also offer an idea as to how there is a quick growth of cells. These cells live long and then, they keep developing into normal cells. Moreover, this might impact the outlook of a person and treatment might be needed for the same.

There are several new drugs that help for this purpose. Researchers and medical professionals keep testing new drugs for CLL. The main aim of these drugs is targeting specific cells causing cancer. Some of them are just like chemotherapy. Let us give you a glimpse into some new treatments for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

  • Oblimersen (Genasense) is one such drug that’s highly used in this CLL. Well, this drug can be used like chemo or can be used in combination with the same.
  • There are various monoclonal antibodies i.e. man-made proteins used in this treatment. One of them is Lumiliximab; mainly, it takes care of the immune system and also helps in attacking leukemia cells.
  • There are also immunotoxins; they poison the cancer-causing cells. Yes, the toxins are directly delivered to cancer cells. BL22 is one such cell which has shown a very good difference in procedures. HA22 is the newer version.
  • Revlimid (Lenalidomide) is also a drug which helps in myeloma treatment i.e. a type of lymphoma.

There has been a great improvement in the treatment since years. The introduction of new drugs and new combinations is highly effective. The response is improved and you will see a difference in the first few months itself. The survival rate increases and it’s good for long-term. These days, people are giving a good preference to non-chemotherapeutic treatments. It is indeed very beneficial for them.

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