New Pain Medications You Should Know About

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New Pain Medications You Should Know About

Pain is a sensation of extreme discomfort in a particular region of the body. It is your body’s early warning system protecting you from the possible ailment you could suffer from. In a situation where you can’t feel pain, that is, in fact, an indicator of numbness which could further worsen the condition.

The tolerance towards pain varies from one person to another. Hence, medications work for some, while they don’t work for others. Opium-based drugs known as opioids that include fentanyl and even oxycodone are the reason behind an addiction epidemic in the US and thus are highly disapproved by doctors and even patients. Thus, there has been a need for new pain medications to be available on the market that isn’t harmful.

The abuse of these opioids has resulted in thousands of overdose deaths in the US every year. These drugs can cause motor impairment and respiratory depression. Patients also build up an increased tolerance over time, therefore increasing the risk of overdose or abuse.

Below is a list of some new pain medications with the painkilling power of the infamous opioids but without some of the dangerous side effects, it brings along:

A new pain medication opioid, Oliceridine, is currently in its final stages of experimentation with human trials and is being executed by Trevena.


  • Research shows that it relieves pain similarly to morphine
  • It comes without the side effects that morphine brings along, such as constipation and respiratory depression
  • Patients are less likely to build a tolerance towards it, unlike in the case of morphine
  • Lesser risk of overdose.


  • As addictive as morphine
  • Can be used in hospital environments only
  • Scientists claim that research indicates this drug to be much safer to use than morphine.
  • FDA recently gave Oliceridine a breakthrough therapy designation, which is only granted to drugs with a significant clinical improvement as compared to other available therapies.

Leaves extracted from a tree that is found in southeast-Asia is the source of Kratom. Scientists cite that kratom comprises of alkaloids having the capability to relieve pain in a much safer way and without the side effects.
Some from the medical community claim that Kratom cannot allow addiction and abuse that has been proved by evidence.


  • It relieves pain without any side effects, such as addiction, respiratory depression, constipation, and abuse.


  • It’s been receiving pushback from the DEA, which is highly being condemned by researchers
  • The DEA has also recommended that the FDA fast-track its scientific research.

Touted as a new pain medication like no other, PZM21 gained its name when scientists tested 3 million chemical compounds and they were finally reduced to the one with most potential by using computer modeling. In order to affect the proper opioid receptors, the scientists had to adjust it chemically to be most effective.
The new pain medication’s chemical compound is deemed to have a lot of potentials, but for now, it is still in initial phases of testing on animals.


  • Research shows that this drug might have long-lasting analgesic effects than morphine
  • Reduces side effects such as constipation and respiratory depression than other opioids
  • Research data indicates that the drug might be potentially less addictive.


  • Although it is successful in relieving conscious pain, the drug does not affect reflex pain
  • The drug is a big step toward ending the national addiction to prescription narcotics, but for a new medicine to be formed using this compound, it shall still take a few years.

TRPA1 and TRPV4 are the sensory receptors, which are responsible for sensing painful external stimuli instantly, which have been targeted by these new pain medications. TRPA1 has been hailed as an interesting find to treat itch and pain, and TRPV4 has been associated with pain in the joints.

Among these new pain medication drugs, the one that stands out, called 16-8, was successful in relieving pain caused by inflammation of the pancreas and aches in the abdomen when experimented on mice.


  • If the new pain medication indeed proves to be successful in relieving pain in human beings, it shall turn out to be a monumental change for the huge amount of people who are currently suffering from chronic pain.


  • Still, needs time to develop into an FDA approved medicine.

All pain medications come with side effects. It is much better for everyone to stay healthy and far away from health problems. Though one cannot avoid falling ill sometimes and taking medicines, you have to be careful about the new pain medications you take. It is true that these drugs offer you instant relief from the pain, but you should not consume this unless it is a necessity. Also, make sure to consult a physician first, as for some, the side effects can be bad and make matters worse. Also, do not intake any medicine that has still not been approved by the FDA.

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