Natural Remedies to Overcome Seasonal Allergies

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Natural Remedies to Overcome Seasonal Allergies

Routine passing through each day becomes uncomfortable with the onset of any allergy symptoms because of itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, etc. It is crucial to ensure that your immune system is not low or overactive in order to tackle these allergies. Being prepared for seasonal allergies is always smarter rather than await the beginning and worsening of symptoms before seeking treatment.

Some of the most natural methods to be prepared for these allergic days are by keeping one’s home and surroundings clean as well as staying away from allergens consciously. Moreover, constant consumption of over the counter medicines or prescription drugs can cause side effects, fatigue, etc. Some helpful and effective natural remedies for warding off allergies include:

  • Herbal supplements: Although there is no solid proof of the aid of herbal supplements, there are researches showing the effectiveness of these doses with varying level of relief and effective in allergic individuals. Pollen extract supplements such as Phleum pretense and Bromelain are believed to aid in easier breathing during allergy seasons. Quercetin, which is a tablet form of still-skinned onion peels, has natural antihistamine contents that aid with easing allergy symptoms. However, the most commonly known herbal supplement which acts as a natural relief agent is the butterbur which is as effective as any other over the counter medicine minus the drowsiness factor.
  • Neti pots: The usage of saline solution in net pots to flush out nasal passage blocks provide great relief for those with even sever nasal blocks. The water should be boiled or distilled in order to avoid the onset of any other infection.
  • Green tea: Green tea that is loaded with natural antihistamine is any day a saver against congestion. Regular consumption of green tea before the allergy season sets helps to fight off the otherwise common symptoms like sneezing, etc.

Some other natural changes require a close monitor of proper diet without allergy-causing or triggering foods, acupuncture treatment, etc, have all been proven to be effective in aiding through the otherwise daunting allergy seasons.

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