Nasal Congestion – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Methods

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Nasal Congestion – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Methods

Irrespective of the fact that our body has an inherent built-in system that protects it from the different malicious element in the environment, there are instances when the bacteria and viruses override it and plague the body. Our immune system does a commendable job of protecting us from the diseases prevalent in the environment, but the magnitude of the disease and our fitness plays a major role in deciding whether or not we will be affected by it.

Common cold or influenza is a common ailment that almost every person might have contracted at some point in time. However, this common cold, when neglected, can result in nasal congestion. Though nasal congestion isn’t a life-threatening condition, it does have serious repercussions. If you wish to learn more about nasal congestion and ways to treat it, keep reading.

Nasal congestion – Causes and symptoms
Nasal congestion or stuffy nose as it is commonly known as is a result of a blocked nasal passage. This blockage is caused due to the swelling of the membrane lining which is, in turn, a result of inflammation of the blood vessels. Usually, the common cold is the cause of nasal congestion, but at times, there are other sources which give rise to nasal congestion. The causes of nasal congestion are as follows:

  • It has been observed that a deviated septum can also be responsible for causing nasal congestion.
  • The various allergens in the environment are also known to trigger nasal congestion especially if the allergy manifests itself in the form of cold and sneezing.
  • When the individual is exposed to certain chemicals, it can lead to nasal congestion.
  • Hay fever is also one of the causes of nasal congestion.
  • Nasal congestion is also triggered when we react to the medications prescribed to us. At times, the medicines are rejected by the body, and it gives rise to allergic reactions. These allergic reactions manifest themselves in the different forms, and nasal congestion is one of them.
  • The presence of benign or non-cancerous tumors in the nasal passages can also cause nasal congestion.

Every disease, before it manifests itself completely, shows various symptoms. These symptoms are quite useful in identifying the diseases, and timely identification of the same allows you to receive proper treatment. Even nasal congestion displays certain symptoms and deciphering the same might save you from the misery it inflicts when the disease goes unchecked.

  • One of the prominent symptoms of nasal congestion is a stuffy or a runny nose.
  • A swollen nasal tissue is also a symptom of nasal congestion.
  • Sinus pain is also related to nasal congestion.
  • Mucus build-up in the nasal passage can also result in nasal congestion.

Treatment methods for nasal congestion
One can divide treatments for nasal congestion into medications and home remedies.

Medical treatment for nasal congestion

  • The decongestant nasal spray is one of the most popular ways for treating nasal congestion. Decongestant nasal sprays are quite instrumental in reducing the swelling of the nasal passage. These decongestant nasal sprays can shrink swollen blood vessels and tissues. Decongestants come in the form of various sprays, liquids, pills, and nasal sprays, and decongestant nasal sprays are more popular than the rest.
  • The most effective decongestant nasal sprays include Dristan, Afrin, Vicks Sinex, Sudafed PE, Suphedrin PE, Silfedrine, Sudafed, Suphedrin, etc.
  • However, caution has to be exercised while using decongestant nasal sprays. If the person suffers from Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure, Heart conditions, Thyroid issues, Enlarged Prostate, or Diabetes, one shouldn’t use decongestant nasal sprays.

Home remedies for nasal congestion
In addition to decongestant nasal sprays, various home remedies are quite effective in curing nasal congestion and that too without side-effects.

  • Nasal saline sprays – Nasal congestion is known to make the nasal passage dry. Nasal congestion is known to cause dehydration and is the source of great discomfort. The nasal saline spray is nothing but salt water, and this ensures that you are hydrated and the swelling subsides.
  • Garlic cloves – Garlic cloves is one of the oldest home remedies and is known to possesses medicinal properties. Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can fight the disease-causing bacteria. So, chew some garlic cloves or add it to the steam you are about to inhale.
  • Humidifier – Many times, nasal congestion causes dehydration, and this leads to a lot of discomforts. The humidifier increases the humidity in the air and helps retain whatever moisture is left in the body. It is quite instrumental in relieving nasal congestion. An increase in the humidity can clear the mucus build-up and can reduce the dehydration caused by nasal congestion.
  • Neti pot – A neti pot has been deemed quite useful in reducing the impact of the nasal congestion. Pour the saline solution from the neti pot into one nostril and tilt your head so that the solution flows out from the other nostril. This is quite effective in clearing the mucus build-up in the nose.
  • Fluids – Nasal congestion strips you from the natural moisture and leaves you dehydrated. In such cases, one needs to increase the fluid content in their body. So, increase your intake of fluid and ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated. The fluids are also instrumental in clearing the nasal passage and thinning of the mucus.

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