Guide On Managing Crohns Flares

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Guide On Managing Crohns Flares

Crohn’s disease is a condition where the immune system goes against the bacteria and food present in the gut. As a result of this, there is inflammation in various parts of the body. Crohn’s disease flare is a condition where the symptoms intensify or the symptoms reappear. The disease may vary from person to person and as the disease progresses the symptoms become very severe. However, the symptoms can be kept at bay by following some simple stuff. Following are the steps to manage Crohn’s flares:


It is always advisable to keep the medication going on even after the symptoms disappear. Managing flares is not just taking the prescribed medication in time but also having an effective treatment plan. Many have managed to keep the symptoms minimal by following proper medication. Corticosteroids are often used in the treatment of flares. Corticosteroids are best for mild conditions. It is advisable not to use them for a long duration as there is a chance of the patient being over dependent or steroid resistant.

Regular check-ups

It is advisable to maintain a good relationship with the doctor and visit him or her regularly to have a continuous assessment of the situation. Any symptom or change which is unusual can be traced and treated. Reaching out to health care teams that can assist by providing guidance can help treat the flares. Asking one’s doctor about the side effects of the medication and the progress in the treatment can help in understanding the disorder in detail.

Educating the relatives and the friends about one’s condition will help create awareness about the disorder. Maintaining a healthy diet is one effective way of keeping the flares in control. Getting the right nutrition helps build up the immune system and fight the disease. Doctors can advise the patients to consult a dietician or a nutritionist to help the patient figure an ideal diet plan for staying healthy. Stress is a huge factor which can flare up the condition. It is best to incorporate a stress management technique in one’s daily routine. Exercising daily helps in strengthening the body thus indirectly strengthening the immune system. With minor changes to the lifestyle and proper medication, one can easily avoid Crohn flares.

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