Know More About The Testing Of HIV

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Know More About The Testing Of HIV

AIDS is still considered to be a taboo among people. Though several awareness campaigns are made all across the country, still people are shy to get themselves checked for HIV. You may be surprised to know that in a leading country like the United States, more than one million people are suffering from HIV diseases. As per the CDC data, more than 56,000 people in the United States get infected with HIV every year. However, all of them do not get HIV testing on time, and over twenty percent of the affected people are unaware of their contamination.

Why Is HIV Testing A Wise Choice?

Getting yourself tested for HIV helps you start the treatment on time. Though there is no cure for AIDS, medical assistance is available to check the spread of the disease any further. Getting HIV screened at regular interval of time also helps in controlling the spread of the disease to others, as you refrain from getting vaginal or anal sex with others. HIV affected people are prohibited from donating blood to others and learning about the disease. Therefore, if you know your HIV results, you can easily make a wise decision.

What is HIV Testing?

HIV testing refers to a medical examination in which you know whether your blood is contaminated with this virus. The working procedure for HIV screening is based on three steps, checking antigens, checking antibodies and checking both of them. Patients who get positive results need to retest themselves for confirmation while those with negative results may not need to undergo any further screening. Conducting HIV tests have become quite simple these days, as there are several home kits available for the work. You can use the OraQuick test kit for HIV screening. Clearview Complete HIV ½ test kit is also a good choice and is known for delivering accurate results.

Apart from the test kits, you can also consult a doctor in your area and get proper assistance regarding the screening. Whatever be the results of your screening, doctors at The Davis Clinic of the AIDS Action Coalition, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, AHF Healthcare Centers or any other reputed clinic always ensure complete confidentiality of the reports. Therefore, leave hesitations and get yourself screened.

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