Know about the Best Hair Loss Treatments

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Know about the Best Hair Loss Treatments

Thinning hair can be a frightening experience! Loss of hair is natural with age and even baldness comes with genes but if it’s premature it is a constant worrying factor for everyone. However, it’s better not to neglect the matter and get started with remedies at the earliest. Hair loss treatments can be different for different people starting from natural remedies to hair transplant.

To start with the right hair loss treatments fix, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of certain things that are closely related to thinning hair. Diet, certain habits, use of wrong products, several medications, fungal infections are the most well-known culprits of depleting hair.

If you have started shedding more than normal amounts of hair or trying to hide your thinning hair with a scarf or a cap, it’s time to do things right to slow your hair loss and get back stronger, fuller and healthier hair.

Some simple tweaks in lifestyle for lesser hair loss are:

Watch what you eat
More than 90% of the hair is made up of protein, so including proteins like lean poultry, liver, fish, eggs, oysters, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds like walnuts, pistachio in your diet. Apart from that, foods rich in iron, vitamin B12 and zinc and are also great for healthy hair. Incorporate green leafy vegetables like spinach, citrus fruits like tangerine, amla berries into your diet plan. Cinnamon, Greek yogurt, guava, barley, sweet potato also contain nutrients that your hair needs. Foods to avoid are excessive sugar, diet soda, starchy whites, fried food and alcohol. Natural ingredients are the best hair loss treatments.Avoid crash dieting because when you starve yourself, the body directs its energy to more essential functions like running the heart and brain ignoring nourishing the hair.

Massage your hair more often and stop mishandling wet hair
Better blood flow to the scalp keeps hair healthier. Every time while shampooing, massage your scalp to provide an enhanced environment for hair growth. Mishandling wet hair can lead to great damage. When wet, the hair strands are extremely fragile, making them prone to breakage. Trying to dry the hair with aggressive towel movements, combing to untangle locks in the shower can set the stage right for hair to snap off. The right way is to pat the hair dry with a soft towel and to comb after hair is dry or combing before taking a shower.

Hairstyling and wrong products can be disastrous
Using too much hair dryer, hot irons, using colors and other hair products can cause breakage and hair fall. It’s best to keep it simple and use as less amount of chemicals on hair as possible. Styling your hair is fun and playful but tight hairstyles can ruin your hair. Any style that exerts excessive tension on the hair root or the hair follicle can damage hair permanently. It’s better to give up tight ponytails, plaits and buns and loosen up a bit. Sizzling hot temperature can damage the proteins and the protective cuticles in those strands of hair. Tools that you use on your hair should be chosen very carefully. Limit the use of hair dryer to just a couple of times a week keeping it at the coolest possible setting.

Avoid steaming hot showers
Excessive hot water not only dehydrates the skin but also does the same to hair strands. It also steals the natural oil from the hair forcing the scalp pores to produce more oil which can hurt the roots. That is a major cause for additional shedding and dry and brittle hair, which snaps off quickly even with the slightest friction. The right way to do it is to take a warm shower and keep those rising degrees under control!

Avoid scratching the head
A major cause behind taking hair loss treatments may be an itchy scalp. Dandruff, dirt, fungal infections and other reasons can lead to an itchy scalp, so cure the itchy with a dandruff shampoo, or take advice from a doctor to know the root cause of that scratchy head.

Keep away from strong sun
Overexposure to UV rays not only harms the skin but does considerable damage to the hair too. Your hair might lose their strength and elasticity due to prolonged exposure to UV rays resulting in breakage. Use a scarf or hat to protect your hair when venturing out in the strong sun.

Watch your medicines
Certain medications like anti-hypertensive medicines, oral birth control pills, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety agents, chemotherapy are reasons for thinning hair. Taking advice from your medical provider is the best way to sought out the problem.

Surgical hair loss treatments
Hair can be restored through various hair loss treatment surgical procedures or replacement procedures like hair transplant, grafting and scalp reduction. The hair loss treatments are determined by the patient’s conditions and which one is the most suitable option.

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