Know About the Adversity of Opiate Withdrawal

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Know About the Adversity of Opiate Withdrawal

Narcotics referred to as opiates are one of the curses on humanity causing harm to people on a large scale. It is found by National Survey on Drug Use in 2014, 21.5 million US citizens are addicted to drugs. With the course of time, the number has increased only killing thousands of people every year.

Perils of Opiate Withdrawal

As a person becomes dependent on certain drugs over a certain period giving the drugs to control their moods and mental health, opiate withdrawal is definitely life-threatening. The risk factors related to it are,

  • Period of usage
  • The frequency of taking drugs
  • Dose
  • Mental health condition
  • Types of drugs taken


Not only heroin or methadone is known to be opiates affecting the human body, the painkillers used in the treatment have addiction characteristics in them. People are vomiting, nausea and having dilated pupils. With the addition, the whole immune system gets affected adversely. The general symptoms that are associated with the opiate are,

  • Cravings for more opiate
  • Sweating
  • Tearing up
  • Nose running
  • Problematic sleeping pattern
  • Increase in heartbeat
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle cramping
  • Agitation

Sever impact on the mental health leading anxiety, hypertension, and depression. People often undergo hallucinations and have problems to get adjusted to the society. Then incurs the isolation and aloofness of the person from social activities and not taking help from anyone.


Drug addiction is categorized as a terminal problem causing the untimely death of a person. Opiate Addiction Detox is a short process undertaken by the American Society of Addiction Medicine but a vital one for helping people to recover. This influences people not to take drugs for a certain period. With growing tolerance is built to a specific degree of drugs that can be reduced later. The detox can help people to reduce drug cravings eventually eliminating further risks and complications within the human body.

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics imply that the drug use is surfaced in a person’s life because of his/her genes. 12-17 years old people are widely addicted which is a grave concern for the nation. Hence, with strict laws, proper counseling and undertaking awareness programs the issue can be treated.

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