Know About Jardiance Medicare Coverage and Co-Pay Details

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Know About Jardiance Medicare Coverage and Co-Pay Details

Jardiance is a drug which controls blood sugar levels and is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is also helpful in reducing chances of a heart attack or a stroke. Especially for those who suffer type 2 diabetes, these two are a major risk. Jardiance reduces their probability of occurring and as such is a very useful medication for type2 diabetes patients.

United Healthcare is a leading American healthcare and insurance service provider offering a wide array of plans for the customers to choose from based on their specific needs.

Does United healthcare approve Jardiance 25 mg

United Healthcare under its Part D Plan and Advantage Plans which concerns with prescription drugs cover this drug. Since Medicare covers this drug, it places a limit on its purchase; this means that a person can only purchase a limited amount of the drug at one time and not more than that. The limit is set by Medicare. In case more quantity is required and the person who is purchasing cannot wait till he can easily be allowed to purchase more quantity of the drug, he may call his plan and ask for an exception. The limit on what quantity of a drug can be purchased at one time may vary from one state to another and from one plan to another. If at any time, the drug prescriber finds it necessary that the patient requires a drug from a higher tier; he may also call the plan and ask for an exception on behalf of the patient to get a lower co-payment.

Drugs covered by Medicare are divided into several tiers based on cost and need. Jardiance is listed under Tier 3 drugs which are a little more expensive than Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs. What tier a drug is enlisted under also varies its co-pay amount. Co-Pay or Cost sharing figures apply to the initial coverage phase of the plan, which is the phase that comes after the initial deductible has been met and before the plan reaches the doughnut hole or coverage gap. This is the typical time when co-pay is calculated. However, it can be used at any stage of coverage. The amount of Co-Pay depends upon which stage of coverage a person is. It is different for all stages.

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