Is There A Cure For Peyronie

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Is There A Cure For Peyronie

A classification of erectile dysfunction that causes an angling or bend in the penis, making it difficult to acquire or maintain an erection is Peyronie’s disease. This causes pain and discomfort while having sex. And the crooked appearance of the penis or the inability to perform sexual intercourse leads to anxiety, stress, and depression in men. When affected by Peyronie’s disease, sometimes the penis is shortened in size and the curvature of the penis upward, downward or to one side, might worsen initially, before stabilizing.

Peyronie’s disease may be caused suddenly or gradually over time because of hereditary reasons, repeated trauma or physical hurt to the penis caused by sex, heavy exercising or accidents, an increase in the chemical that nerve cells produce – serotonin, connective tissue disorders, vitamin E deficiency or the consumption of beta-blocking drugs used to reduce heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

When severe, this condition causes pain in the penis even without an erection, and there could be bleeding and subsequent scar tissue buildup on the upper and/or bottom side of the penis that can be easily felt with the fingers. The uncommon Peyronie’s disease that normally affects men over the age of 50 can be treated. However, although the symptoms reduce, there is no precise cure for the disease itself.

The first step that physicians recommend for treating Peyronie’s disease would be a wait and watch approach. This means doctors prefer to wait before beginning medical treatment, while concurrently providing constant observation and testing.

Injections – that is, drugs injected into the penis to break down tissue buildup, oral medications, electromotive administration, shockwave therapy or surgery when there is acute pain or when extreme curvature or deformity happens, are the common practices followed in handling Peyronie’s disease. Certain non-drug and nonsurgical treatments like Iontophoresis, shock wave therapy, penile traction therapy and penile exercises are tried as alternative treatments. Doctors and therapists also suggest lifestyle changes that help treat Peyronie’s disease. Quitting smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption totally, and regular exercising certainly have positive effects that further help in straightening out the condition.

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