Identifying Symptoms Of Asthma Attack

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Identifying Symptoms Of Asthma Attack

Asthma makes breathing hard. It all happens when a person starts coughing, feeling the muscles tighten in your airway. The lining of the airway also swells, producing thick humus as well. These happenings cause a very unpleasant feeling and unease to the person, who is suffering from asthma. Initially, a person suffering from asthma will have difficulty in breathing. Trouble in sleeping may also be a sign of asthma combined with other symptoms. An asthmatic person may find it very difficult to regain breath after performing some kind of exercise. Having a cranky feeling and low PEF numbers are also signs of asthma.

The symptoms and warning signs only get severe with time, if the treatment is not started immediately. These symptoms are at the peak of their severity when the attack starts. A person gets shallow and fast breaths and a pressing feeling in the chest. Inhaler must be used immediately in order to get immediate relief. Other symptoms which often occur to an asthmatic patient are constant coughing and whistling sound while breathing out. All these signs and symptoms make doing daily chores manifold difficult. When asthma gets severe, the symptoms become even more unpleasant. A patient may often feel panicky and find it really difficult to stay calm. The coughing may get worse with severe asthma and it may become very difficult to stop it. The great difficulty might be faced even for doing routine tasks like walking or talking. The face of the patient turns sweaty and pale in case of severe asthma.

Even after the attack has passed, the patient may not be able to relax. A tired and worn out feeling takes over the patient. The patient becomes paranoid about getting another attack soon and may always remain under stress. It is very important to act methodically in such situations. Monitoring one’s health conditions and constantly seeking medical assistance may help tremendously. It is only through keeping track of the symptoms and taking timely medication and therapies that a condition like severe asthma can be coped with. In case one feels the situation is getting out of hand, one must call 911 immediately.

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