How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat Toenail Fungus

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How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat Toenail Fungus

When fungi grow within the nail bed, it is known as nail fungus. Two most important factors can cause this problem. These are damp environment and exposure to the warm environment. The initial stage involves a yellow or white spot on the nail, which develops into a serious condition causing the nail to thicken, crack and discolor. People who have nail fungus experience tenderness and pain when exposed to heat or cold and when touched.

If you have toenail fungus and looking for a natural remedy to cure it, hydrogen peroxide is the item you need to get. It has several uses- disinfectant, antiseptic, bleaching agent, antifungal, and oxidizer. It’s strong antiseptic and anti-fungal properties are the reasons behind its ability to treat nail fungus effectively. If you are suffering from this condition for long enough, you should not wait anymore. Use this liquid and cure the issue as this is believed to be one of best ways to remove toenail fungus.

How to use Hydrogen Peroxide?
Use hydrogen peroxide for oxidative therapy as the same is a highly effective remedy to treat nail fungus. The method calls for soaking the affected and infected nails in peroxide. With the increase in the oxygen level, the fungal growth on the toenails gets destroyed, and you get your healthy nails back again.

Follow the steps of the process given below:
Buy 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you use anything stronger than the mentioned amount, there is a chance of damage to your skin.
Mix hydrogen peroxide and water in equal quantity. You can also use vinegar if you are using it for toenail fungus.

You should soak the nails in the solution for about 30 minutes. Do this every day for a month or until the fungus is completely gone.
This method works for many, but one needs to have a lot of patience and invest a lot of time for this. It is not easy to remove fungus from your nails. Thus, you must ensure to do it every day. Even if you miss one day in between, the treatment will get less effective. In case, you do not see any difference even after following this treatment procedure for a month; you ought to consult a doctor to get a more effective treatment.

Alternative way
There is an alternative way of treating nail fungus as well however that is applicable only if you have it in one nail. You need to rinse the nail in warm water and then completely dry it off. Soak a cotton pad in hydrogen peroxide and press it onto the infected nail. Remove the cotton pad after five minutes. Do this for about 3-5 times every day until your nail feels fine. Continue with this treatment once in a week for three months even if the fungus is gone to prevent it from coming back again.

Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide
You can additionally use vinegar with hydrogen peroxide to treat nail fungus. You need to mix these two liquids both in equal quantities and soak the afflicted nail in it. Allow your nail to dry completely before covering it.

How effective is Hydrogen Peroxide in treating toenail fungus?
This treatment procedure would work only if the solution properly permeates the thick layers of your nail plate and the nail bed. These places attract fungus to breed and multiply, which worsens the issue. This is the reason behind the idea of following the process on a regular basis without fail. Doing this daily ensures that the solution has seeped into your fungus affected nails and destroyed the microbe. This would be a long-term treatment procedure. You must be patient and persistent. Most people leave the process midway since they do not see visible results. However, this treatment to start its healing process has to be continued for a long time and the method to be followed more diligently. It is only after a month of following this process; the toenails will show signs of cleaning up.

How to prevent fungus from affecting your toenails
One of the main reasons for treating nail fungus at the soonest is the fact that it is a contagious affliction. It is better to take prevention and precaution that you are not infected with it at all. Always ensure to keep your feet and nails covered when you are outside. Trim your nails especially toenails short and keep them clean. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly and dry those as leaving them wet will cause the fungus to grow.

You can prevent nail fungus by using antifungal sprays and powders in your shoes. This will kill the bacteria, germs and other organisms that breed in your shoes. Dry your footwear properly before you wear them. If you see fungus growing on your nails, consult a doctor immediately as the best way to tackle this situation is to give it urgent assistance or it will get worse.

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