How To Treat Dog Allergies

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How To Treat Dog Allergies

Does your dog resort to obsessive licking of the same spot over and over again? Or does it scratch or scoot across the floor quite often? If the answer is yes, it means you have allergens in the air! Just like us, dogs or for that matter any animal goes through their allergic reaction and since we are responsible for the wellbeing of these incredible creatures who are so dependant on us – here are some basic tips on how to treat your dog allergies:

Firstly, you must understand that there are four types of allergy in dogs – atopy, flea, food, and contact. Atopy is essentially environmental allergies. Example: A dog’s body releases an excess amount of histamine when exposed to higher concentration of pollens in the air and this could prompt symptoms of allergy. For the other kind of allergies, like food, flea, and contact, it is best to visit a Vet, while atopy can be pretty much controlled and mostly treated at home.

Wiping the dog thoroughly after walks are crucial. This will ensure that it removes allergens if any. Also whether the dog is taken for a daily walk or not, it is advisable to use a grooming wipe on your dogs.

Usage of Omega – 3S or even biotin supplements will help to improve the health of the dog’s coat. These supplements offer a great relief for the dogs during season allergens, more so during spring.

Use a gentle shampoo or if you prefer it to be medicated, resort to the ones that have the minimal chemicals. It is also important to give baths to your dogs frequently. Once a week would be ideal for the dogs to stay healthy away from allergies.

When your dog gets older, it is also advisable to administer allergy shots. As the dog ages, the environmental allergies progressively get worse!

The breeds that are more susceptible to allergens are Retrievers, Terriers, Dalmatians, Bulldogs, Beagles and Irish Setters.

To simply put, there is no way to avoid the allergen. Grooming the dog coupled with a consistent visit to the Vet is probably the best way to treat your dogs from allergens.

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