How Probiotics Keep You Healthy

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How Probiotics Keep You Healthy

The probiotic market has been on an expansion spree during past few years. Though doctors have been prescribing the use of probiotics since long, it is only recently that people have begun using these. People who have started using probiotics have not only enjoyed its benefits but have also have been able to maintain good health. The most effective probiotics have many benefits including improvement in digestive functions, weight loss among people who were aspiring for the same, lowering of cholesterol, and the normalization of blood pressure.

It is, however, a tough task to find the best probiotics given the fact that all probiotic manufacturers claim that their products rank among the most effective probiotics. Before you shortlist a probiotic for yourself, the following five factors need to be kept in mind.

  • Price aspect: This factor is predominately the most important and anyone will purchase a probiotic which falls within an appropriate price range.
  • Potency factor: Potency is another key factor that should be considered while buying a probiotic. Around 50 percent of brands in the market do not have a live culture. Potency is measured by some live cultures present and should be considered as relevant.
  • Colony forming units: This is referred to as total count of bacteria which are available in the probiotic. This is also a key factor which makes probiotic relevant to the buyer.
  • Strains: This refers to a total number of bacteria which are present in each of the probiotic. Strain also affects some benefits which a user can derive from probiotic.
  • The purity of strain: The functional quality of an active culture or the ability to perform a specific job is also measured as a sign of success for the probiotic.

Health benefits of probiotics

  • Balance the friendly bacteria: Probiotics contain good bacteria. These provide health benefits when taken on a regular basis. They are also known to restore the natural balance of bacteria in the gut. If any imbalance occurs, the number of bad bacteria will increase and cause medical complications. Probiotics help to maintain this healthy balance.
  • Can help prevent diarrhea: Probiotics are known to prevent diarrhea and people who take antibiotics in large amount often suffer from diarrhea. It is, in such cases, the use of probiotics limits diarrhea and reduces the incidence of this medical problem.
  • Keeps heart healthy: Probiotics are also known to keep the heart healthy as it lowers bad cholesterol and keeps your blood pressure in check.

Below are listed some of the most effective probiotics which you can try to enjoy a healthy life.

  • Blue Biotics: Blue Biotics could be the top choice for most effective probiotics since it has 61 billion live probiotics per serving. It is also recommended by many top doctors since it has 11 proven strains. It also contains S.boulardii which is considered to be the most effective and expensive probiotic strain. Blue Biotics also has been designed as a small capsule, and it resists stomach acid. This probiotic is a vegetarian variant and does not contain any binders or fillers. People who have used Blue Biotics have reported a range of benefits including weight loss, increase in energy, and an overall improvement in digestive health.
  • Ultimate Flora: Ultimate Flora probiotic is known to contain 50 billion live probiotics per serving and includes 10 top strains among which many of the proven strains are included. The capsule has been prepared in such a way that it resists stomach acid. This is a vegetarian capsule and is free from hazardous binders and fillers. This probiotic is used by people who are looking for a general supplement for their well being.
  • Florastor Probiotics: This probiotic contains a single proven strain and has been designed to resist stomach acid. This vegetarian capsule contains a reasonably high percentage of living culture. The potency of Florastor Probiotics is high, and it is considered to be among the most effective probiotics.
  • Align Probiotics: Align Probiotics also contains a single proven strain and has a significant proportion of living cultures. This vegetarian capsule is considered to be free from hazardous binders and fillers. Align is considered to be among most effective probiotics since it is known to be effective in dealing with a range of digestive tract problems. If you do not have any general health issue and are only looking forward to a general supplement for your well being Align Probiotics would fit the bill perfectly.
  • Trubiotics: Trubiotics is known to contain Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. Doctors sometimes recommend the use of this probiotic which has these two particular strains. In such a condition, Trubiotics can be your perfect choice.

Though the use of probiotics does not require any consultation with the doctor, it would be better if you keep your doctor informed if you are taking these on a regular basis.

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