Guide to Using Hemorrhoid Relief Creams

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Guide to Using Hemorrhoid Relief Creams

Hemorrhoid which is also known as piles is a medical condition in which vascular tissue in and around the anal area gets swelled. This leads to inflammation and tenderness in an area around the anus. This medical condition also leads to the development of discomfort in the bowel movement. There are numerous hemorrhoid relief creams available in the market which can be used for immediate relief from this problem. However, before these hemorrhoid relief creams are used, the application technique of these creams should be known, else it can result in some other medical complication.

Following are the hemorrhoid relief creams available in the market which can be used to control the development of hemorrhoid.

  • Anesthetic cream for hemorrhoid
  • Hemorrhoid ointment (Benzocaine)
  • Pramoxine hemorrhoid ointment
  • H hemorrhoidal cream
  • Fast hemorrhoid relief cream
  • Homeopathic hemorrhoid cream
  • Anusol hemorrhoid cream
  • Lidocaine hemorrhoid cream
  • Venapro hemorrhoid cream
  • Avatrol hemorrhoid cream

In addition to these creams, some more hemorrhoid relief creams are popular and are used by patients on a regular basis. These include:

RectiCare Anorectal Cream
This cream is used in case of external and internal hemorrhoid. This offers instant relief from itching, pain, and burning which might occur in the case of hemorrhoid. The key advantage of this cream is that it is odorless and does not have any color and thus can be applied without anyone being aware of the same.

These creams can ideally be used for curing any itching, swelling and other such discomforts that might occur in the case of hemorrhoid. These hemorrhoid relief creams, when used on a regular basis, will lead hemorrhoid to shrink and thus will help the person to get an immediate relief.

Process of using the hemorrhoid creams
When the hemorrhoid relief creams are to be applied externally, the affected area has to be cleaned with soap and water. It should then be completely dried before the hemorrhoid relief creams are applied. However, if the cream is to be applied inside the anus, the cap or nozzle can be used. The instructions for using the same are generally given on the packet of the cream, and these should be dedicatedly followed.

When using the medication, it should be brought up to the tip from the tip, and the applicator tip has to be then inserted into the anus to a depth of 1 inch. The cream has then to be applied as instructed on the usage sheet.

However, care should be taken to not insert the finger or any other such thing inside the anus. The applicator tip also should not be inserted more than 1 inch deeper since it can lead to other complications.

Use of fingers should be essentially avoided while using these hemorrhoid relief creams since it can lead to complication and is also not considered to be a hygienic method. The tube which is used for hemorrhoid treatment should ideally be one usage tube and should be disposed of after use.

If the cream is to be used in an area outside the anus, the finger can be used. Apply the required amount of cream on the fingertip and apply gently on the area where the cream has to be used.

Care should be taken to ensure that the areas in which the hemorrhoid relief creams have been used are not covered with a bandage or any other plastic material. The area should be left open for air circulation. Cover the area only if directed by the doctor. The hands should ideally be washed after using the cream in the affected area.

Any contact of the hands should be avoided with eyes, ears or mouth. In case, the hemorrhoid relief cream touches any of these areas rinse them appropriately and consult the doctor if needed as this might lead to new medical complication, if not checked.

The hemorrhoid relief creams should ideally be used 2 to 4 times a day. Ideally, these should be used after each bowel movement. However, the doctor should ideally be consulted on appropriate usage of these creams, even if these have been purchased without the advice of the doctor. In any case, these should not be used more often than what the doctor recommends.

Do not discard the usage of these creams unless the doctor advised doing the same as it might result in problem persisting for long.

Facts to consider when using hemorrhoid relief creams
However, there are certain points to consider when you use these creams. These creams generally help in reducing the intensity of hemorrhoid and cannot be considered to be the ultimate medication for treating hemorrhoid. These also have to be used on a regular and frequent basis and require some time and privacy to be used.

This is not the condition when you decide to use other medications including pills to get rid of hemorrhoid.

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