Best Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

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Best Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) has always been a major problem for several men. Unfortunately, many of them do not know how to deal with this problem. Premature ejaculation ends the race even before it has been started. When ejaculation occurs very fast, the pleasure involved with sexual intercourse is lost. Men suffering from this problem do not recognize what therapists refer as a ‘point of inevitability.’ It can be described as a sensation that happens a few moments before the ejaculation. Completely healthy men understand this point, and they change or stop the stimulation until the emergency comes down. What are the best premature ejaculation exercises available?

Squeeze technique
One of the best premature ejaculation exercises, the squeezing technique was developed by two people called Johnson and Masters. It is often known as imminent ejaculation approach. When you experience the urgency, you have to withdraw the penis, and the penis head should be squeezed until the need for ejaculation subsides. Then, you can restart the sexual intercourse. It offers good results, and you can follow this method quite easily. Although it offers good benefits, it interferes with your sexual activity and can make things awkward for your partner. Effective implementation of this technique becomes possible only when you have a cooperative partner.

Pelvic floor muscle training
You need to find ways for strengthening your pelvic muscles if you want to get rid of premature ejaculation. That is where the importance of pelvic floor muscle training comes in. It is one of the most beneficial ways to control the onset of PE. The pelvic muscles offer the much-needed help and support for the penis, and pelvic floor muscle training can be used for short-circuiting this condition. It is being done when the pelvic muscles are engaged actively just before the ejaculation. Several men have to deal with weak pelvic muscles and as they age, the degree of weakness increases. When pelvic muscles get weakened, people become vulnerable to premature ejaculation. Some studies have even shown that pelvic muscle exercises are more effective compared to medication in addressing premature ejaculation.

Pause start method
This method has been found effective in a lot of people. It is a fact that slowing the tempo is not adequate to stop or prevent the PE. Anyhow, you have to prevent thrusting fully while sustaining penetration to allow the ejaculatory urgency to subside. Once the ejaculation comes down, you can restart the pelvic thrusting. It is a good idea to engage the pelvic muscles once you stopped the process of thrusting to lower the sensation.

Reducing the tempo
A good number of people follow this technique to get rid of premature ejaculation. When you do this premature ejaculation exercise, you are slowing down the pace of pelvic thrusting, and this method also advises you to vary the depth and angle of penetration before the point of no return. This method offers excellent results when it is done in combination with engaging your pelvic muscles.

Clamp technique
This is one of the popular premature ejaculation exercises. First of all, your penis should be grasped about a one-half inch under the head, and this position must be held firmly when you feel the urgency to ejaculate. Some people may find it highly uncomfortable, and it is pretty similar to placing a clamp on a hose. Barring this discomfort, you can make use of this premature ejaculation exercise to regulate your premature ejaculation.

You can make use of masturbation to have better control over the PC muscle. When you masturbate, you should not bring yourself to completion of the act. Instead, the process should be continued until you get a feeling that the ejaculation muscles are contracting. At this juncture, you need to stop. You should not proceed with masturbation until you get a feeling that you are not going to ejaculate. At this point, you can start the masturbation again but never allow the ejaculation to take place. All these steps must be repeated five times before allowing yourself to have an orgasm. If you can do it during masturbation, you always stand in with a good chance of delaying your orgasm while having sex with a partner.

Various studies show that when it comes to a person suffering from premature ejaculation, the average time between penetration and ejaculation is 1.8 minutes. For a healthy person who does not have premature ejaculation, the duration of penetration and ejaculation is 7.3 minutes. PE results from psychological or biological problems, and the cause can be a combination of these two factors. Some of the causes include infrequent sexual activity, high arousal, hyperactive reflexes, oversensitive genital skin, frequent consumption of alcohol, prostate infection, urethra infection, performance anxiety, genetics, feeling of guilt, fear, and inflammation as well. All these premature ejaculation exercises always help you control this problem effectively.

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