Best Aetna Medicare Drug Plans

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Best Aetna Medicare Drug Plans

Aetna Medicare comes with a tagline that reads “Medicare that cares.” Medicare is health insurance for people generally over 65 years of age. People less than 65 are covered if they have general disabilities. Almost 50 million people are dependent on it. It has a wide variety of plans and services including the ones mentioned below:

  • Medical plans
  • Dental plans
  • Pharmacy plans
  • Disability plans
  • Medicare plans
  • Behavioral health programs/plans

There are four parts to the Aetna Medicare program, and the one which covers medicines are the Aetna Medicare drug plans. There are various plans available under the drug plan, and all of these have the following benefits:

  • Economical: The cost-effectiveness of Aetna Medicare drug plans come from two aspects—one is a lower premium and the second is a lower cost for the drug. Aetna gets direct subsidized rates from the government for their medicines, and they pass this on to their customers.
  • Coverage: The coverage is better with Aetna Medicare drug plans as even catastrophic health issues are covered.
  • Variety: Aetna Medicare drug plans offer multiple options so that people can choose what suits their health and financial needs. Whether it is retirees or companies, the choice can be entirely need-based.
  • Ease of working: With Aetna Medicare drug plans, there is easy administration and hassle-free management of pharmacy needs. There are no hidden consulting charges, and filing and auditing are taken care of by Aetna. With their wide network of pharmacies, drugs can be either picked up from across the country or may be delivered directly at the doorstep of customers. For retirees, there can not be a better option than the Aetna Medicare drug plans.
  • Other benefits: These plans also provide discounts on fitness club memberships and vision products, so it is not just about popping pills and being healthy.

A word of caution though: Make sure you are clear about what is covered and what is not. There are always options to add more to the coverage by adding a small co-pay.

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