An Inspiring Story Of Alicia Keys Fighting For HIV And AIDS

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An Inspiring Story Of Alicia Keys Fighting For HIV And AIDS

Alicia Keys is a singer, record producer, songwriter, actress, and pianist. One occupation she holds over all of her other is as the co-founder of Keep A Child (KCA).

When It All Began

From the beginning of her career, Alicia Keys had the first-hand experience after she met children dying of AIDS in Africa. From then on she never missed a chance to get all the help she could to children affected by AIDS. She was inspired by all the work Leigh Blake had done for the kids. Alicia Keys has HIV prevention and care organization, which she is the co-founder. The KCA organization was started in 2003.

Where The Problem Lies

Africa especially the sub-Saharan regions where 70% of the population is recorded with AIDS. Due to the lack of healthcare facilities, some mothers give birth to children that again contract the disease from them. Alicia Keys has HIV awareness when she visits these hospitals first hand and witnesses that there is medical help but the families lack the capital to afford them. The number 1 cause of death for over a million children mostly adolescents is HIV.

Why She Joined The Fight

Africa has consistently been at the top when it comes to the number of AIDS cases. It’s the lack of awareness and communication that has kept them in the dark. Those with HIV are subjected to discrimination that can make life lot harder. Where a person should not rob them the chance of living a good life. For over a decade now, Alicia Keys has HIV programs and has joined the fight by collaborating with many organizations.

Youth-specific programs can focus on giving quality treatment and bring people together and educate them. Support groups can also help the affected adolescents. Through technologies such as Skype, communicating with the rest of the world can assure them that they are not alone in this fight.

With an aim to inspire and make them stronger, Alicia Keys believes that AIDS can be fought and be won over. KCA is all for supporting UNAIDS with the ambition of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. Encouraging support from several people all over the world and partnering with organizations such as Microsoft, she looks forward to seeing an AIDS-free Africa in the future.

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