7 Popular Razors for Sensitive Skin

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7 Popular Razors for Sensitive Skin

Finding an appropriate razor for sensitive skin can be a difficult task. This is because many companies claim to have top razors for sensitive skin. To make the task easier for an avid razor user, here is a list of top razors for sensitive skin. You may choose from the razors listed below and make your shaving experience easy.

Merkur Progress Adjustable Safety Razor
This is one of the top razors for sensitive skin available in the market. Its two-piece design along with a plastic knob at the bottom and a smooth handle makes shaving a pleasant task. It also comes with an adjustable head, which makes it truly unique and distinct from the others. The heavy weight of the razor ensures that by application of a median force, even the most coarse of the beard will get straightened and will not cause any discomfort to the skin.

It is adjustable, easy-to-clean, and can be used both aggressively and mildly depending upon the need of the user.

The Bluebeards Revenge Double Edge Safety Razor
Some people prefer double edge razors, and if you are among those, you can count on the Revenge Double Edge Razor. It is among the top razors for sensitive skin. Ordinary razors have an imminent problem that the blades soon become blunt. This double edge safety razor, however, has chrome plating, which ensures a long life for the blade.

People who prefer to use lightweight razors will also find this one to be useful as it weighs only 60 grams. The razor is long lasting, and the handle and blades are both chrome plated which ensures a long usage. It also helps in providing precision shaving experience to the user owing to its lightweight. However, the handle is bit slippery and needs to be dealt with care.

Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor
This razor by Merkur also comes among the list of top razors for sensitive skin owing to its heavy weight and the perfect balance it provides to the user due to its length. For people who need to shave on a daily basis, this long handle safety razor could prove to be the best bet. It offers a right balance, is lightweight, has a built-in guard, and is quite affordable. However, the grip is not comfortable, and sometimes a new user might find it difficult to use this razor.

Elkaline Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor
One of the top razors for sensitive skin, Elkaline Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razors are preferred by the users due to the ease of cleaning they offer for the blade. The user only needs to twist the knob located at the bottom of the razor’s handle, insert the blade, and simply retwist the knob. The grip in this razor is also firm, which makes it easy to hold and convenient to use. Replacement blades, stand, and travel case come in one package, and this has made this safety razor immensely popular among the users.

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor
This safety razor by Merkur can be adjusted at multiple levels, and it makes shaving a relatively easy task to handle. Moreover, this safety razor has six settings, which make adjustment very easy. Sensitive skin users can always set the level at 1 as this makes the blade exposure minimum and thus, sensitive skin users can benefit from the same.

Aggressive shaving if required will need the knob to be set to 6 which makes shaving a delightful experience if the user decides to shave after a while. Its adjustability has proven to be the biggest unique selling point of the razor while the long handle provides ample control to the user. It also comes with a clip on its head which makes it relatively easier to change the blades, whenever required.

WEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor
The grip that this long handle razor provides makes it a perfect fit for people who have sensitive skin and need to shave on a daily basis. Known for its grip, this long handle safety razor by WEISHI is also double-edged. Therefore, it has the ability to last for a long time. It is considered perfect for close shaves and has, thus, become popular.

Muhle Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor
The contact area between the skin and the blades have been carefully decreased in this razor, which reduces the amount of cuts and nicks that might follow in case of regular razors. This razor has a perfect grip, and its double edges make it last longer. Considered to be a perfect fit for close shaves, this razor is not recommended for those having a coarse beard. Hence, it is preferred by people having sensitive skin.

Choose from any of the above listed top razors for sensitive skin and make your shaving experience refined.

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