7 Popular Natural Treatments for Hep C

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7 Popular Natural Treatments for Hep C

The liver is also an important part of the digestion process as it helps break down the nutrients in the food, stores them as useful substances, and provides it to your body when required. Not just that, the liver also flushes out the toxins in your body. This makes your liver a vital body organ, which you cannot afford to lose.

Hepatitis C (Hep C) is a virus which causes inflammation of the liver, and if left unattended for some time, it causes permanent damage to the liver. Many times, liver damage and Hep C go hand in hand. So, it is important that you start your treatments for Hep C as soon as you find out that you have caught the virus.

Hep C is of two types: Acute hepatitis C and chronic hepatitis C. While acute hepatitis is less severe and a short-term viral infection, chronic hepatitis C can cause serious ailments like cirrhosis and liver cancer.

The worst thing about Hep C is that most of the times, people don’t find out about their condition until they are nearing the last stage of the disease. This is because the symptoms of this disease in most cases are very generic and not easily distinguishable.

Some of the popular medicines prescribed by doctors for hepatitis C include interferon, ribavirin, and many such similar drugs antiviral drugs. Talk to you doctor before taking them as these drugs come with potential side-effects if taken without considering the guidelines.

Treatments for Hep C are expensive and there are various factors you need to consider before opting for it.

What should you consider before opting for treatments for Hep C?

  • The severity of your disease
  • The type of hepatitis you suffer from
  • Other health conditions you suffer from
  • Your liver health condition

Natural treatments for Hep C and lifestyle changes
Milk thistle:
Milk thistle is one of the best natural treatments for Hep C. This herbal supplement is believed to improve the functioning of your liver. This supplement has an ingredient called silymarin, which protects liver cells and reduces the inflammation caused in the liver. Before taking milk thistle, ask your doctor if it will suit you.

Curcumin: The chemical called curcumin found in turmeric is one of the best natural treatments for Hep C. It works as an anti-inflammatory and helps in giving relief from inflammation. It also stimulates your immune system and helps in combating the viruses and bacteria.

Quit alcohol or reduce your intake: Hep C is known to cause severe damage to your liver, but if you also bring alcohol into the picture, it then becomes worse. Alcohol further worsens your liver and might cause some permanent liver damage. Drinking alcohol while you are suffering from Hep C is as good as adding matchsticks to a caught-up fire.

Keep an eye on the needle: Be it at a tattoo parlor, a blood donation camp, or when you are getting an injection, make sure that they are using a new syringe or a sterilized needle to do so. Hep C is commonly spread through blood transfusion and sharing needles with the infected patient.

Eat right: Diet is considered as one of best natural treatments for Hep C, as eating a well-balanced diet will prevent further damage caused by Hep C. Have a balanced diet and make sure that you are eating all kinds of nutrients. It would be a smart choice to eat smaller meals throughout the day than having two or three large meals. By doing so, you will make sure that at your liver isn’t under pressure. Try reducing your intake of red meat as they are difficult to digest and your liver takes a longer time to break them down. Lastly, drink plenty of water to make sure that the toxins in your body are flushed out of your system.

Exercise: You might wonder how exercise will help in treating Hep C. Believe it or not, it makes a big difference. If you regularly exercise, your body will build stamina and you will develop a better immune system. With a better immune system and an increased energy level, your body will cope better against the Hepatitis virus. Not just that, studies show that exercise reduces stress on your liver, which is a great deal in case of Hep C.

Stay clear of toxins and smoke: Toxins are said to damage your liver cells and that is the last thing you would want. So, the best thing to do is avoid being in direct contact with chemicals. Active as well as passive smoking are again something you should avoid indulging in.

Your life changes if you’re affected by Hep C. But with proper medication and few lifestyle alterations, you can further prevent the worsening of your health and lead a healthy life.

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