6 Effective Creams to Be Used for Eczema

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6 Effective Creams to Be Used for Eczema

Eczema is a condition of skin which causes irritations and rashes on the skin. There are three basic kinds of eczema with atopic being primarily genetic in nature. This is seen mostly in children and can be seen on the back of knees and creases of the arms.

The second one is irritant dermatitis which irritates the skin. Contact dermatitis is another form of eczema. Though oatmeal bath and certain home remedies are known to cure eczema, generally these treatments take plenty of time. Therefore, some creams can also be tried to get relief at a faster pace.

Types of Eczema

Itchy or Dry Eczema
This is probably the most common form of eczema. This eczema can be most commonly seen on the hand, neck, face, and leg. This is an irritating form of eczema and can appropriately be controlled by use of creams which should be done after consulting with the doctor.

Thick or Scaly Eczema
This type of eczema is characterized by thick and scaly patches of skin. If not treated in time through the application of a cream it can lead to thickening of the skin and worsen the condition.

Weeping Eczema
Red and oozing skin are also signs of eczema and in this category of eczema comes used weeping or red eczema. In this kind of eczema, crusty skin patches are visible in the affected area.

Here’s why creams should be used
Creams are considered the next best things to ointments due to the amount of oil, and these are considered to be good for eczema healing since these are able to seal the moisture. Since these contain less oil, they are generally less greasy.

This cream is known to offer relief in case of irritated, dry and itchy skin. The National Eczema Association also accepts this cream as a soothing product to heal skin affected by Eczema. Avenno is known to contain ceramides which are essential lipids found in the skin and protect the dry skin. This cream is steroid free and has been found clinically suitable to soothe eczema-affected skin. However, care should be taken that the cream does not get into the eyes. It also contains moisture locking glycerin and lipids which are effective skin barriers and have especially been formulated for eczema prone skin.

Vaseline intensive care
This cream is considered to be perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Vaseline is free from perfumes and is considered to be among best creams for eczema as its jelly texture is very thick and locks all the moisture in.

This cream can be used on hands, face, and body alike and is used to get relief from eczema related complications. This cream is free from any kind of dyes and is chemically safe to be used by people who are suffering from eczema. The gluten-free cream is easy to apply and being non-greasy it can be comfortably applied even when a person has to head outdoors.

This healing cream can be used to soothe dry, cracked eczema affected skin. The ceramides in this cream have a healing effect on the skin, and it can be used on the feet, hands, legs and whole body. The fast absorbing cream is known to offer relief for people known to suffer from eczema. It also allows nutrients to sink in faster owing to the fact that it is an absorbing cream. Thus, it is considered to be one of the best creams for eczema.

Eucerin Eczema relief body cream
This is a non-greasy moisturizing body cream that is clinically proven to heal eczema prone skin. It is also considered among best creams for eczema and keeps the skin moisturized all day through when applied.
Eucerin has ceramide-3 and Licochalcone, the ingredients present in Eucerin are known to strengthen the skin barrier and heal eczema. This cream is also recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists in conditions when other medications and creams don’t work.

Cetaphil Hydrating Cream
Cetaphil is known to build up the moisture in the skin and is known to retain up to one thousand times of its weight in water and will, therefore, keep the skin hydrated when applied on a regular basis.

Why should care be taken if home treatment for Eczema is being done?Some people tend to prefer homemade solutions for treating eczema rather than relying on medical consultation and use of creams for healing skin condition related to eczema. Use of raw honey is one such common treatment for getting relief from eczema. However, this treatment is not without its risks and according to research done by Colorado State University in the United States of America, it has come up that raw honey could contain botulism bacteria which is toxic in nature.

Therefore, honey should be used with care for treating eczema related conditions.

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