6 Effective and Natural Remedies to Reverse Kidney Disease

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6 Effective and Natural Remedies to Reverse Kidney Disease

Kidneys in the human body are located in the center of your back slightly above the waist. These two bean-shaped organs are the ones that remove the waste available in your blood after digestion and muscular activity. Other functions of the kidney are balancing water and minerals concentration and synthesizing the enzyme called renin that optimizes erythropoietin and blood pressure. These organs also play a part in ensuring the optimal bone health, and it is being done by synthesizing vitamin D’s active form. All these aspects clearly suggest that kidneys play a very critical role in stabilizing your overall physical health.

Major reasons that make your kidneys problematic
Kidney diseases cause serious damage to your body. Many reasons contribute towards kidney problems. Genetic problems can be a reason and injury can damage your kidney. Overreaction to certain drugs is another reason and other issues like high blood pressure and diabetes can also create a negative impact on your kidney. If your kidneys do not function properly for an extended period of time, you become highly vulnerable to a disease called glomerulonephritis. Other factors that make your kidneys problematic are prostate disease, vasculitis, kidney stones, pinworm infestation of the kidney, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, and polycystic kidney disease. If you do not give adequate importance to fluid consumption, it can lead to acute renal failure and this situation makes a damaging effect on your kidneys. If you want to how to reverse kidney disease, the following options can be considered.

Most effective treatment options to reverse kidney disease
Kidney diseases are progressive in nature. Early identification and treatment are absolutely essential to control the complications. When these problems are identified in the initial stages, you can reverse the damage with lifestyle changes and hypertension medications. Doctors also prescribe medications for diabetes and high cholesterol levels to arrest the kidney disease progression. When things go to the next stage, you have to use Angiotensin II receptor antagonists or Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors to control the progression. When things go really worse, erythropoietin hormone replacement, calcitriol hormone replacement, and phosphate binders are done to arrest the impact of the damage. Certain complications are controlled by hemodialysis, and it is often performed three times in a week. Other treatment options include peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Learn about some natural remedies that help to reverse kidney disease
Cornsilk tea can be taken two to three times a day for treating kidney related infections and it is a good option for lowering the possibilities of edema and the formation of kidney stone.

Gokshura: It is an herb extensively used in the Ayurvedic medicine. It maintains proper kidney functioning and you can expect proper urination with the help of this remedy. Gokshura lowers kidney related discomforts, and the stones can be removed as well. There are capsules available with varying strengths ranging between 60mg and 250 mg, and you need to consume these capsules two times a day after meals. This will help to reverse kidney diseases.

Baking soda: Baking soda has been highly effective in reducing and reversing severe kidney diseases because it neutralizes the acid content in the blood in an effective manner. Baking soda needs to be mixed in a glass of water, and it should be taken in a daily manner.

Dandelion: Dandelion decoction is a good remedy to reverse the kidney damage. It can be made using dandelion leaves and roots and the diuretic properties of dandelion address and help to reverse kidney disease in a quick manner.

Cherry flower: Another effective option is a decoction made with cherry flower stalks or dry fruits. You have to take it three times a day after the meals to improve urination. You can also make of an infusion made with its stem. Nitrogenous wastes are formed when you have kidney disease and the diuretic properties of cherry flowers flush out these wastes thereby helping to reverse kidney disease.

Cranberries: Cranberries contain a lot of phosphorus, sodium, potassium, anti-inflammatory anthocyanins, and vitamin C. That is why cranberries and its juice become highly effective in promoting kidney functioning and they control the blood pressure in the best way possible. You can make cranberry juice healthier by using unsweetened concentrate.

Other options available
A blend of bilberry juice and carob herbs works as a stimulant for the effective functioning of the kidneys and it encourages the excretion of urea. Lei Gong Teng is a traditional Chinese medicine, and this herb can be used to treat polycystic kidney disease. Pineapple is a rich source of a natural enzyme called bromelain, and you can use pineapple to lower kidney inflammation. It offers prevention of the amyloid formation.

If you’re wondering how to reverse kidney disease, you can make use of these remedies to the reverse the damage caused to your kidneys and most importantly, a healthy lifestyle must be followed to keep their functionality at higher levels. You must avoid alcohol consumption and optimal body weight should be maintained. Smoking does not help you reverse kidney damage and regular exercise should be done to protect your kidney effectively.

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