6 Beneficial Vitamins for a Healthy Heart

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6 Beneficial Vitamins for a Healthy Heart

Do you want to end up in a hospital bed? No individual would like to be in a hospital room with needles pierced in the body. For avoiding such kind of situation, an individual should follow a healthy life routine to maintain a good health.

But, when it comes to the health of your heart, you can’t take any risk in this. Along with daily exercises and a healthy diet, the heart needs some special supplements. According to survey reports, 17.7 million people lost their lives because of a heart attack all over the world. After the age of 50, the heart needs some special care to avoid heart problems. Sometimes, prescribed medicines don’t give you the required relief to regain your health. There are some natural remedies that help in the stability of the overall health.

You can’t rely on any type of medicines. After all, it’s all about your health. How can you trust branded health supplements products, which are not prescribed by a certified physician? Then what you can do?

Well, you can try some natural ways to get essential supplements to maintain good health. The natural way provides you the assurance of safety. So, do you know the sources of rich nutrition that can boost up your heart health? Have a look at the best heart health vitamins, which you get from natural resources.

  • EPA & DHA
    EPA & DHA both are Omega 3 fatty acids, which found in fishes and fish oil. These two essential vitamins work well for heart diseases and diabetes. The fish oil supplements successfully decrease the rate of heart diseases and danger of stroke. The EPA & DHA supplements reduce the triglyceride level of blood, which maintain a good blood pressure. Omega 3 fatty acids improve heart health and make it strong to face any kind of disease. The best part of the fish oil is that you can use it regularly without worrying about any bad effects.
  • Plant Sterols
    Plant sterols like phytosterols are more effective on heart diseases and reduce the risk of heart attacks. They reduce the cholesterol level from the blood, which keeps heart stroke issues away from you. You can add 2-3% of phytosterols in your diet, which you can simply get from wheat germ oil, corn oil, sesame seeds, soy flour, rice bran, and nuts like almonds. You can include all these elements in your regular diet to get a good amount of plant sterols.
  • Lecithin
    Lecithin is the rich source of choline. Choline is one of the best sources of vitamin B, which is effective in reducing heart health issues. Along with the heart issues, the choline supplement also works well on some other health issues including low homocysteine level, metabolic problems, etc. You can add food products like pastured eggs, beef liver, cruciferous veggies in your diet to get choline supplement. These are the rich source of vitamin B, which you can easily find in your kitchen.
  • Policosanol
    Policosanol is found in sugar cane. You can find it in the form of wax, which made up from sugar. The Policosanol is one of the essential supplements, which effectively work on reducing the high level of cholesterol. If you regularly use this substance and include in your daily diet, then in a month you can see a big difference in your health. An approx estimate the Policosanol reduces 20-25% bad cholesterol level and balance a good level of it in the blood.
  • Lycopene
    Lycopene is the most common and the best heart health vitamin that you can find in many vegetables and fruits. But, when it comes to the richest source of Lycopene, tomatoes are the best source of it. The Lycopene substance is known as a strong antioxidant, which is helpful in reducing cardiovascular diseases. So, add tomatoes in your regular diet to reduce the risk of heart attacks.
  • Garlic
    Garlic is a good source of vitamin B6 and manganese, which is bestto keep your heart healthy and active. The garlic also has properties of string antioxidant, which purifies blood and balance cholesterol level. You should consume at least 2-gram garlic in a week to reduce your cholesterol level and improve your heart health. It is important that you add garlic to your regular diet along with other supplements to see fast results.

These are 6 heart health vitamins are the beat to keep heart-related problems at bay. You don’t have to rely on medicines as these are natural and in pure form. These food products are easily available in the kitchen of every house. So, don’t need to spend dollars for maintaining a good health. Just understand the importance of each food supplement and use in the right way.

Follow the above suggestion and create a healthy diet chart for you. Before it gets too late, incorporate these best heart health vitamins into your diet and enjoy the wonders that it does to your over all health.

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