10 Simple Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

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10 Simple Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

Are you worried about cleaning your bathroom properly? Several people are of the opinion that bathroom cleaning is a tedious and time consuming process. If you are among them, you do not need to panic because these 10 bathroom cleaning tips will teach you how to make bathroom cleaning hassle-free, enjoyable, and result oriented.

Offer maximum protection against mildew
You need to realize that bathrooms are highly vulnerable to mildew growth. For reducing the spread of mildew, you must promote best air circulation. Keeping the bathroom windows open whenever possible ensures optimal air circulation. When you are running water, it is always advisable to switch on the bathroom. If you don’t have bathroom fans or windows, you can depend on dehumidifiers.

Give special attention to clean the ceiling
Most people spend maximum time for cleaning the tiles and fixtures in the bathroom. Unfortunately, they forget about the ceiling. It is a place where a lot of grime and mildew accumulate and you might be able to see a lot of spots as well. For cleaning the ceiling, a mop bucket needs to be filled with white vinegar and water in equal proportion, and a long-handled sponge mop should be dipped into this mixture before applying it to the ceiling to clean one section at a time.

Clean mirrors carefully using a microfiber
When you clean bathroom, you must make special efforts to clean the mirrors. A microfiber cloth is the best option and if you can manage to get flat weave, it will be perfect. This is one of the 10 bathroom cleaning tips where you just need to combine vinegar and water. This environment-friendly solution can be used to clean the mirrors with the help of microfiber cloth.

Use natural products to clean the tiles
Dirt and gems easily accumulate on the grouting between bathroom tiles. These places are really difficult to reach and when you clean in a conventional way, you easily miss out these areas. One of the 10 bathroom cleaning tips is to make a paste using water, baking soda, and borax and scrubbing it on the grout using a toothbrush.

Never underestimate the importance of cleaning hair
If you have teenage girls in your home, they may leave their hair down on the bathroom sink. Some elder women also follow this practice. You can clean this hair with the help of a silk plunger and bicarb soda. Pour a little bicarb soda into the sink and leave it for a few minutes to settle. Then, use a plunger for removing the hair.

Remove stubborn water spots and scum with great care
Several surfaces in the bathroom, especially the ceramic tiles around the around the tubs and sinks get dirty with built up scum and water spots. You need to learn how to handle these stubborn impurities in a smart way. The most effective option available is the mixture of 4 cups of hot water and 2 cups of salt. After dissolving the salt in the water, this solution can be applied to the surface and it needs to be scrubbed and rinsed off after 15 minutes. A combination of baking soda, ammonia and vinegar is also a good option.

Use smart cleaning methods for bathtubs
Bathtub rings can be pretty annoying and frustrating. These rings are the aftereffects of oily bath products and they can be removed by sprinkling bicarb soda over the bathtub. After sprinkling bicarb soda, white vinegar should be sprayed and you need to wait for some time to allow these two to foam. For removing the rings, warm water and an old pair of stockings must be used.

Make sure that showerheads remain unclogged
If you have to deal with hard water containing a lot of minerals, the showerheads become clogged in a fast manner. Four or five denture tablets should be dissolved in a bowl of water, and the showerhead must be put in to soak. You can use white vinegar to soak overnight. If you cannot remove the showerhead, the vinegar or dental tablet solution should be poured into a plastic bag, and the bag must be tied to the fixture so that the showerhead remains immersed in the solution for 1 or 2 hours.

Use lemons to remove water stains
Hard water stains on the bathroom faucets have always been a common problem. When a fresh lemon is rubbed over the stains, the faucets became clean and you can expect good odor as well. This is the simplest among the 10 bathroom cleaning tips.

Ensure proper maintenance
You should not wait for the impurities including mold and mildew to accumulate heavily to start cleaning. It makes your cleaning job tougher. Whenever you see small particles, marks and scum, you should clean the area immediately and this approach makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

These 10 bathroom cleaning tips always help you maintain your bathroom clean and neat, and they also teach you how to remove even the most stubborn scum and water spots.

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